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Grant PUD does not offer solar installation services. However, we encourage customers to obtain multiple quotes from local installers to make informed decisions regarding their solar investment.

Grant PUD Net Metering FAQ's

Does Grant PUD encourage or discourage home solar installs?

Grant PUD has a neutral stance on home solar installations. We encourage customers to go into your solar investment fully educated, with clear expectations. Be careful when speaking to solar company salespeople as some of their claims may be untrue in our area. 

Can solar panels help lower my energy bills?

Yes, every Kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy you generate from solar lowers your bill by that amount.
A typical 10-kilowatt (KW) system in our area generates around 12,000 kWh for the year. Averaged at 1,000 kWh a month, this would lower the bill by 1,000 X $0.04868 (Residential Rate Schedule 1), or $48.68, on average each month. $0.04868 is the kWh energy charge by Grant PUD as of April 1, 2024.

Will I make money off my solar generation?

No. Grant PUD has a $20 minimum charge each month, even if you use no energy that month. We do not purchase customers' excess solar generation. 

Upon a signed and approved interconnection agreement, application, and certificate of completion Grant PUD will replace the existing meter with a Net Meter. This Net Meter will record the energy Grant PUD provides to you and will also record the energy you provide to Grant PUD. Excess energy you provide to Grant PUD is subtracted from the energy Grant PUD provides to you and you are billed on the difference. If you provide Grant PUD more energy than you use for the billing period, you are billed the minimum charge, and any excess energy is “banked” for you for future use. Banked amounts can be carried forward month to month but not year to year.

Per State Law,On March 31st of each calendar year, any remaining unused credits for kilowatt-hours accumulated during the previous year shall be granted to the electric utility, without any compensation to the customer. -RCW 80.60.030

Will energy rates increase over time?

Yes. As of April 1, 2024, the kWh rate charged is $0.04868. Twenty years ago, the rate was $0.03293 per kWh. 

Are there any rebates for solar panels?

Currently, Grant PUD does not offer any rebates for solar panels. Washington State does offer a sales tax exemption and the Federal Government has a tiered renewable energy tax credit

How do I determine if installing solar makes financial sense for me?

If you are considering installing solar, we encourage you to look at the energy you have used in the past twelve months and contact your installer to get a quote for a system close to 90% of that load. While not the same every year or for every system, a typical system in our area puts out around 1,200 kWh for each 1 kW. You can contact Energy Services to request your energy usage. 

How do I get connected to the Net Metering program?

Once you have installed solar or other clean energy sources, please review, and complete the application on our Net Metering webpage, or email the application to EnergyServices@gcpud.org.

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If you have questions or want more information about any of our energy saving programs, contact Energy Services.


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