Landlord Services

Let us help you save time and money

Save money, manage tenant transitions more efficiently and protect your valuable rental property with a Continuous Service account.

What is Continuous Service for Landlords?

Continuous Service is available to owners of rental units or property management companies. It ensures that electric service is automatically transferred to the landlord or management company’s name when a tenant requests service to be stopped.

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How does it save money?

We waive the normal Account Services Charge when the account is transferred into the landlord’s name between tenants.

Would my units be easier to rent?

Yes. Electric service remains active between tenants. This allows you to clean and show the property in a more comfortable, realistic setting with functional heating, cooling and appliances.

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How would it protect my rental property?

Continuous electric service means power is available in the winter to keep heat on and protect pipes from freezing.

How do I apply for Continuous Service?

Call 509-766-2505 and we’ll get you started.

What landlords need to know about Continuous Service

  • Verify the new tenants have transferred the electric service into their own name before they move in. Landlords are financially responsible for electric service while the unit’s account is still in the landlord's name. Contact us at 509-766-2505 or email customerservice@grantpud.org to check service status.
  • At the landlord’s request and a fee, we’ll hang a doortag at the residence of tenants who have yet to transfer service to their own names. The tag gives them five days to transfer service.
  • Contact us any time to get a list of the properties covered by Continuous Service.
  • Automatic transfer into the landlord’s name is available upon request if the tenant’s service is scheduled for shut-off for lack of payment.
  • If the property is sold, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to contact us to cancel Continuous Service.